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A topic by PyrrhaIphis created May 14, 2017 Views: 347 Replies: 1
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Sorry if I'm being stupid here, but did the update include the epilogue? I had thought it did, but now I'm reading the e-mail again, and it looks like it didn't. Is that right? (Yes, I know the update was a month ago, but I was so busy with finishing up my school term that I didn't want to spend time gaming.)

BTW, about the endings, I know there are good and bad ends for each love interest, but where do the other three endings come from? Best endings? Or...*gulp*...WORST endings?


Hahaha, okay, let's see... The endings for each guy are: good ending (happy ever after and all that jazz), bad ending (bye bye Alex) and bad relationship ending (they don't end together and some other issues may remain unsolved).

The "epilogue" you are talking about must be the extra stories. They will be uploaded as different files, so you can choose the one(s) you want. There are three after-the-end stories during University times, giving us a hint of how can be their future as a couple in the turbulent times of the fall of the British Empire. The other three stories are long, detailed versions of the bad endings, with a bit more of back story about our boys and the bad guys.