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A 2D sandbox adventure from two Fable devs. · By PixelCount Studios

Some feedback

A topic by bluesaka111 created May 12, 2017 Views: 351 Replies: 4
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I wont waste your time so let start:

  • Animation is fluid and smooth (I dont like the art style though), but there are some missing animation like ( Formation: Character Name : Action : Condition )
    • [MainCharacter : Move : UP LEFT]
    • [MainCharacter : Move : UP RIGHT]
    • [MainCharacter : Move : DOWN LEFT]
    • [MainCharacter : Move : DOWN RIGHT]
    • [MainCharacter : Slingshot : ATTACK MOVE FORWARD ]
    • [MainCharacter : Slingshot : ATTACK MOVE BACKWARD ]
  • Menu are clunky and control scheme need some rework
  • Display shortcut key on the UI will help make the game more accessible.
  • In some panel, when press ESC key, the main menu pop up instead of closing the panel.
That all.

The only complain I have is: You guys have built a beautiful and vibran world but why not allow new players to stay up late to see the world in transition?

So overall, a beautiful world but clunky control scheme and some missing animation are the biggest draw back of this version (.May 07 10:42 ICT )

I suggest you try Rune Factory 3 if you have Nintendo Double Screen or Nintendo 3DS. It have interesting debuff system, leveling skill, beautiful world just as Kynseed, extended crafting system, monster taming and quickly change weapons (hoe / sickle / watercan / weapons) which allow changing combat style on the fly and allow player to quickly do things (very important if your ingame day time are short) so they can spend more time on other aspect of the game.


Thanks for your feedback! The game is still a very early prototype at this stage so we hope to address a lot of what you mention! We're still not entirely sure about doing diagonal direction animations, because there could potentially be a lot of animations to do (if you start including all the actions the player can do and then we want it for all NPC characters as well) but we are starting to look into the tech of how we will do it for NPCs so will see what we find in doing that!

With the time of day, if you search around you might find something that allows you to stay awake longer ;) The full game may well not have that restriction, we have been mainly using this prototype to test out ideas and see how it goes...

Thanks for the suggestion of rune factory 3, I don't think any of us have played that but might seek it out or at least check some youtube videos :) There is a lot of the intended full game that at this point is not in the prototype (some details of which are on the itchio page now or our kickstarter page). So hopefully what we add will be interesting to you as it should address some of your points (levelling more skills, ingame items that automate actions, a job system and eventually combat system with a debuff type system!).


Ah, I dont really sure Kynseed is 4 direction or 8 direction game so it my bad to report missing animation that may not neccessary but the game movement was so smooth and fluid that the first time I look at it I was mistaking the game was a high quality 3D game until I look into the game files :p

Another suggestion is that I hope you guys can move the radial menu from bottom right to middle so it easier to see and choose a different control scheme for it since having to hold the number key and use A/D to select items may make some user feel less comfortable. You can check out the weapon radial menu of Grand Thief Auto 5.

Automate action not needed in my option since most people want to feel like they are the farmer in game but if you allow say hiring town folks to do some action for you or offer offering to the magic stone to help you to do some work.

Another thing is that you should limit yourself from using message box that could break the game flow like poorly made farming simulation game on Android app store (one of them is Pocket Farm from Kairosoft game) but instead use something similar to Windows 10 Action center.

I will keep a closer eye on this game. So much potential and it may over shadow Fallout one day. Good luck! I hope that I will be able to purchase your game on Itch IO and on Steam soon!!


Thank you for the feedback...keyboard and mouse controls are something we are keen to keep addressing asap.

As for automation, it will be needed if you want to run multiple businesses in multiple villages...the prototype is the home farm and the nook only. You have The Vale to come for Prologue, then the rest of the world, which is pretty big!

welp, spoiler came sooner than I expected. One more reason to put this game on my radar now :/