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Postcard Illustrations

A topic by M-Tee created May 11, 2020 Views: 153 Replies: 3
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Above is an A6 (postcard-sized) illustration that I made of Memblers' Munchie Attack (the 11th game in this volume).
This was inked traditionally and colored digitally, in the spring of 2017, as an independent exercise.
Below is a screenshot of the game, showing the subject matter being represented:

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Above is an illustration depicting characters from Streemerz as 3.75" Hasbro-style action figures (or Lanard-style if your childhood had more The Corps! figures than G.I. Joes, like mine did). The illustration was created for a series of postcards supporting Orab Games' Homebrew Players' Competition.

Another postcard-sized drawing from 2017, this time depicting Joshua Hoffman's Forehead Block Guy, further illustrating my tendency to indulge in overly narrative interpretations of graphically minimalist games.

Yet another postcard illustration for the Homebrew Player's Competition. This one depicting Shiru's Lawn Mower as a stand-up arcade game, with some arcade Punch-Out! influence in the display. I hadn't realized how many of these illustrations were actually from Action 53 Vol. One games.