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Northbury Grove: Walls Closing In

At the tattered ends of trauma...can you survive the Butcher of Northbury Grove one last time? · By Scythe Dev Team

This is one of the best games I've played

A topic by LeeLooDallas created 17 days ago Views: 36 Replies: 1
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I honestly couldn't finish the game, I played for at least 1 hour... did a couple of "accomplishments" but it is too difficult.  I admit, this is one of the BEST indie horror games I've played, EXTREMELY well made... it is like living a SAW movie at every second. So disturbing, so entertaining... so great.  I saw that you guys have several of these games, I will be definitely checking them out witout a doubt!

AMAZING WORK.. thank you for sharing your creation!

Here's my gameplay, I hope you enjoy it...


Thanks so much for checking out Walls Closing In, LeeLooDallas! Glad to hear you enjoyed what you've played so far! The basement sequence was DEFINITELY inspired by movies like Saw and The Cube. It can be very difficult on the first few playthroughs! Hope you enjoy our other titles as well

Scythe Dev Team