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A tiny bit of multiplayer/exploration

A topic by vfabien21 created May 09, 2017 Views: 243
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Here is a suggestion, which I suspect will never make it through, but might be fun however :
To make exploration more interresting, there could be some capsules scattered all around the map. (Maybe in some biomes more than others ?) The player would have to collect them and bring them back to the computer or a specific machine to read them.
These capsule consist in messages left by other players, creatinf some king of meta game.

There would be 2 possibilities to create messages : when a player dies or wins, he is proposed to write a message. Or there could be a specific machine, to create and launch messages on the mewn.

To deepen a bit the metagame, the player could decide the group some messages (to build some kind of story) : they would all be uploaded together and grouped in the same area.

I see 2 difficulties to do this :
- It would require to create a server to collect and distribute the data. And am not sure that Cainr4 is willing to do that...
- As the game is for kids too, It might require some kind of moderation. The easiest solution would be to allow the play the safe version (no messages). And there would also be a button to warn that messages are offensive. A message frequently tagged as offensive would be suppressed.