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A Future Fantasy Computer. Make and play games! · By triplefox

Sounds awesome!

A topic by Den24 created May 10, 2020 Views: 66 Replies: 1
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Please let us know when/if this program will be downloadable as it sounds interesting, and would make a nice addition to my fantasy console collection, even more so if it can handle 3D in a semi-decent way, also if there were to be a buy-able version would it have more features or cool little add-ons that other free versions can't get? that is the reason i like Pico-8 or Pixel Vision 8 as its fine having a free version but i like to feel that i have something special by buying something instead of feeling like i was conned lol. 

The reason i like fantasy consoles is that it reminds me of simpler times where we didn't have to install a load of junk just to do any programming (such as on a ZX81 or C64, Amiga etc) & programs tried not to eat a tone of memory, I like having all the tools i need right where they should be which is at a mouse click away & with tools like Pico-8 or Pixel Vision 8 the user-interface makes things very simple & fast.

Anyway best of luck.!


I just wrote an update detailing what's happened,