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Bitsy Game Maker

Make little games, worlds, and stories! · By Adam Le Doux

Playing the game on iPhone and iPad/stuck in the introductory dialogue

A topic by zeitmueller created 18 days ago Views: 48 Replies: 1
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I'm sure this must be a beginner's question, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere (just Using the editor on phone and iPad which seems to be about running the editor, not the games): There are some Bitsy games which, when I play them on iPad or iPhone, are stuck in the introductory dialogue. A notable example is I just see the title "no destination" and the little triangle on the right. I try tapping it and reloading, but nothing works.

I'd like to use Bitsy for a school project and lots of students use iPads, so I'm reluctant to proceed with my own game as the students might be unable to play it (?).

Thanks for your help and sorry if this has been asked before!

PS: The problem can be narrowed down to this: The game is waiting for the enter key to be pressed. The iPad/iPhone touchscreen fails to imitate that input. So the game doesn't start. When I use a clip-on keyboard and hit enter, the game starts without problems. 

The funny thing is that most games get beyond that point without problems even on the iPad, just a few (including the aforementioned "no destination" and its sequel "the last days of our castle") get stuck. I don't know when these games were published, maybe it's a problem of an older version of Bitsy?