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No support for Cyrillic

A topic by Evolution Pixels created May 04, 2020 Views: 622 Replies: 11
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No support for Cyrillic characters (Russian characters).

It would be better if you can write the text in Russian.

In version v0.2.3 there are no necessary changes for Cyrillic.

If you write in Russian, there is nothing(instead of text, just empty characters).

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Hello! Sorry for not responding to this - I didn't mention it explicitly, but currently only Latin characters are supported in MasterPlan because I'm making the font myself. 

I'll have to see about adding other characters for other languages like Cyrillic (or finding a different font to use for those languages).

Thank you for responding. I thought my request would go unanswered.

I will be happy if there is support for Russian characters for the text.

Hi! How are you making a font? What tools are using for it? Maybe I could help with Cyrillic symbols. I am Ukrainian, so those characters are native to me.

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Hello! I'm using Fontstruct to construct my font. Note that any fonts used don't have to be made in that particular tool, of course - MasterPlan just uses ordinary TTF files for its font. I just have to get a hold of a nice, clean pixel font for Cyrillic symbols (and any other symbols people want to use).

Also, as a quick question that I imagine I know the answer to: Ideally, one would like to use both Latin characters and Cyrillic, correct? In case you want to have both kinds of text in your plan?

Sorry for delay with the answer, I’ve got some too much work now. But! I know what Fontstruct is. Here’s my profile. I don’t know if i can clone your project to add Cyrillic glyphs, but I would be glad to. Sharing the font (the Cyrillic part at least) with CC or other open license would be perfect.

As for question about both Latin and Cyrillic it is definitely yes.

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Hello, grafemo; sorry for the delay on my part as well. I was under the impression that sharing was something more complicated; my font is already able to be cloned over on Fontstruct here. Feel free to add Cyrillic or other missing glyphs; as it turns out, I actually got part of the way through before stopping.

Hi! And thanks! I’ve cloned the project and will be poking it from time to time (whenever I’ll have spare time). When I feel the project is ready, I will publish it and post a link to it here in replays.

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Is there any progress on adding Cyrillic support to MasterPlan?

Hello! No, not yet; I haven't done anything on additional language support yet. Apologies!

It is a pity that there is no Cyrillic Support yet.

It is necessary to solve the question of support for Cyrillic(Russian and other Slavic languages based on the Cyrillic alphabet). MasterPlan will look like a more serious product with support for 9 popular languages (including English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

I see that your font already has some Cyrillic characters.