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Alien 2.0

A topic by DamithWick created May 04, 2017 Views: 150 Replies: 2
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Hey guys my name is Don and would really like, if you could check out my new game Alien 2.0. I am really getting to like Game Maker Studio and would really appreciate your support. I am an aspiring indie gave developer and would like to know what you thought about the game. It is a space shooter game with both arrow keys and mouse controls. It has a rather idiosyncratic game music and sound. The only reason this game has a price tag is so that I can use the funds to buy better game development equipment.

Alien 2.0 is a space shooter, but in a different format, unlike the classic one.

Download and enjoy.



You might want to write a few words about what makes your game unusual, because it's not obvious from the video and screenshots. Well, apart from the mobile form factor. I presume you're considering a mobile build in the future?

Yes I am thank you .....will do