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City Clickers

Quintessential SimCity Clone But Not Really · By Eigen Lenk

Stumped on Making Money (0.9.4)

A topic by Kenbutsu created May 01, 2017 Views: 407 Replies: 2
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I'm looking for suggestions/corrections for my gameplay in 0.9.4. I'm really struggling to make a profitable starting town. I start with 1 factory & reservoir, 3 markets (more profitable than shop early I think), 13 houses, a park, and 18 roads. The park ends up adding 12-13 in rent, so I go for it.

Income: 53 (rent) + 9 (markets) = 62

Expenses: 18 (water) + 18 (roads) + 10 (park) = 46, so I get $16/day.

Production income ends up being a wash. This town costs $23,750 to setup, plus the maintenance incurred while the buildings get constructed and houses populate. I normally cannot afford all of these buildings on the initial $25k.

I could see a quick boost by dropping a factory and 2 more houses, which would add $14 total to rent and shop income (maybe more with two types of production). Let's say it adds $16, giving $32/day. This costs about $30,000 to setup, and nets $32/day. Just to earn enough revenue to duplicate the town structure would require 1000 calendar clicks. [Edit: Added 2nd factory and 2 houses, making a town of pop 45. I can manage $28/day]

Any thoughts on how I might improve the starting town? Has anyone made the factories profitable early?



I think you're on pretty good track. I would lose the park at early stages and use trees where possible unless you really want 3 star rating (which I made more difficult to achieve) and upper class residents. Right now upper class is mostly useful if you want to produce and sell luxury items.

Well, this town is now at 792 pop, and is making.....$26/day :) Seems like next time I ought to bank 4-5 years of income before hitting fire station and police station pop levels.