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Final Hunt

You are the last hunter in a fallen world · By Mythical City Games

Ammo Placement and Ammo Belt

A topic by CreepX451 created Apr 27, 2020 Views: 61 Replies: 2
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Hello. So, I love this game! This is the first game I sideloaded to my Quest. One suggestion I want to make is add in more ammo for your shotgun. It’s really hard to find enough ammo and you can easily get killed. Another thing I would like to suggest is to have an ammo belt on your waist so you don’t have to look around for a while to get ammo, whereas here, you can add ammo to your belt and when you run out of shells, you can just pick up shells from your ammo belt. I hope you can make this happen, but otherwise, I love this game and I can’t recommend this game for anyone who loves a classic first-person zombie shooter!

Thank you for the great feedback! Glad to hear you like the game. I'll take a look at the ammo system. The idea is that if we expand on the game we would take a look at the balance of ammo drops and add more complex survival systems. It all depends a bit on budget before we can go too far into development beyond just this test version. 


Great! Again, I can’t recommend this game enough. 100000000/10!