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Cybele - a Sci-Fi Adventure

A topic by ming_tea created Apr 29, 2017 Views: 344 Replies: 7
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About the game

Cybele is science fiction Metroidvania game with a focus on exploration. You control the Prisoner, a convicted criminal serving a life sentence on the penal colony Cybele-16b. Collect weapons and upgrades to help you explore the interior and exterior of Cybele and discover a little bit more about the Prisoner along the way.

I've been developing this in my free time for the past few months and I hope to have a playable demo by the end of the summer. I started the devblog in order to keep me on a schedule and hopefully get some feedback and constructive criticism.

Early Screenshots/Gifs (more to come)

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Well, development continues. Mostly level tweaking, but I tried my hand at creating some new sprites.

I don't have much in the way of screenshots other than this new elevator sprite I made. I've included an early screenshot of the introduction. The starting room looks a lot different now, but you get the idea. :)

On the to-do list this week is implementing a long range attack and continuing to tweak levels.

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Very nice project ! I like the mood too.

Looks excellent! Hope to see more of this. :)

Work continues. I have been playing around with surfaces and shaders and I got some... interesting results. Hope to have more screenshots by the weekend. 


Finally got a shader working correctly. I know my art isn't the greatest, but I am super-proud of my red light fading shader. 


Still on track to have a demo by the end of summer.  The demo *should* consist of the beginning of the game through the first boss.

H..H..How are you so good at artwork?

Please explain your methods you wizard!

Hi! Great art I think it will be a cool game! Do you need sound designer? I would love to join your team and make original sounds for your game.