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General Ideas

A topic by Leafe created Apr 25, 2017 Views: 125
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A couple of Ideas passed through my mind while playing the game and checking out its features and I came up with the following list with a "bug."

-Twitch Upgrades, Just like upgrade bot chose your upgrades in the challenge you could have the twitch chat choose upgrades for the player.

-1st Person Mode. TABS (And I'm not trying to compare the games) had a 1st person update and I know that others have probably requested it and it probably isn't what your final goal is for the game but it would be nice.

-"Evil" 3rd Chapter. I feel like the robots once you get to a certain point don't want you escaping so they "accidentally" leave the traps on and you have to get back with them on. Maybe even have the walkway that comes out from the lava miss some panels so that the player has to jump the gaps in order to get back.

-("Bug") If you die after you've killed all of the enemies (from either an arrow, a trap that hasn't reached its stopping point yet, or lava) then it will activate your clone (if you have one) and make you walk back out into the clear battlefield and then back down into the elevator.