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Create cool 2D games with a free game editor! · By Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych

Editor will not open

A topic by Talsac created 46 days ago Views: 60 Replies: 2
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Anyone having a problem opening the ctjs.exe file? When I double click the file the mouse cursor just displays the spinning blue circle and the window to the ctjs files is locked up. You cannot even press the 'X' to close the window. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Tony


Try disabling your antivirus/windows defender for a while, and whitelist ct.js, if needed (don’t forget to turn on your protection then :D). I know that Kaspersky antivirus hates ct.js for some reason.

If that doesn’t help, please tell your version of Windows, your graphics card model and such. Opening ct.js from powershell/command line must show some detailed info on why ct.js crashed as well.


Thank you Cosmo for your quick response. The editor did open up after 3-4 minutes and asked if I still wanted to run the app and I said run anyhow. Now the editor opens up quickly. I want to tell you I am very impressed with this game editor and really like the clean interface. I do like using JavaScript a lot and will be using this one for a long time. Keep up the good work. Best regards Tony