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Super Bernie World

Join Bernie's movement and transform the United States in this free retro 2D platformer. · By Eniko

I made some cursed fan theories because this bright, happy game is extremely dark on the inside.

A topic by M0RTALIS created Apr 16, 2020 Views: 398
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Note: This version of Bernie- we will call him Super Bernie to avoid accidentally angering those who think I am talking about the other Bernie, henceforth referred to as Bernie IRL.

1. Super Bernie is just as murderous as Mario but that makes sense because politics makes people violent.

2. Drugs.

3. The possibility of magic so I have 13 bullet points.

4. I guess there just exists an alternate dimension where the states don’t exist and instead they are just a few square feet of floating platforms with yellow-haired, orange-skinned, red-hat-donning aliens wandering around. In the infinity of the multiverse there has to be a dimension like this somewhere.

5. Why do the aliens all look like Trump? Perhaps they are the enemies that Super Bernie’s broken mind created. Or perhaps it is an unfortunate coincidence of an alternate dimension. Or it’s a curse or something idk.

6. Super Bernie’s eternal wide eyes and open smile could be the result of many things. Perhaps he is a sad, broken man who wears a mask, either literal or metaphorical. Perhaps it, and the extreme violence, are to hide his deep, crippling depression. Perhaps it is a curse, or an experiment gone wrong. Perhaps this is in the near future or an alternate history, and takes place in a mental institution after Bernie IRL’s eventual defeat in the polls. The smile could be a happy one, a sad one, or one of bloodthirsty rage. 

7. I am overanalyzing this.

8. It does make sense that these aliens are attacking Super Bernie because he is going around murdering them.

9. Super Bernie goes on genocidal rampages. Genocidal rampages are racist. Therefore, Super Bernie is racist.

10. Super Bernie is not just racist, he is a complete and total monster.

11. Super Bernie is not like Bernie IRL. While Bernie IRL’s body has decayed over time leaving him a fragile husk of his old self while his mind still thirsts for revenge, Super Bernie has a strong body and the power of drugs and/or insanity and/or magic on his side.

12. Perhaps, if given enough power, Bernie IRL would be just as murderous as Super Bernie.

13. Perhaps, if given enough power, we would all become monsters.