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Newest version Material for URP

A topic by Agjunyent created Apr 14, 2020 Views: 198 Replies: 2
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Just wanted to say that I'm using URP on my project, and your new Surf Material is not supported.

I've created a ShaderGraph version of it using an Unlit Node. Works for me. If anyone needs or wants it, I can share!

Thanks for your amazing contributions. My "map per hour" time has skyrocked using your tool!!!!

Really glad to hear your MPH has increased.  Placement without MAST is a pain.

I plan on adding support for the URP in the future.  If you want to contribute your code, please contact me on my discord server.

I'll include you as a contributor in the next patch notes if I use it.

I feel that it's not implemented yet so i add a little push bc i tried it yesterday and i feel it was missing. Which is sad bc i really often use URP.