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The Adventures of Capitano Navarro in the Goblin´s Den DEMO

A topic by Don Emídio Navarro created Apr 23, 2017 Views: 176 Replies: 1
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Finally we have the DEMO to play free or donation of The Adventures of Capitano Navarro!

In this demo, The Adventures of Capitano Navarro in the Goblin´s Den, Capitano Navarro will be able to traverse ten levels.

Single Player:
Play with Capitano Navarro in a direct old school game style. No wasting time with customizations and options character. Go to live directly a linear story!

Easy to play:
No waste time with long tutorials and complex commands. All you need is the arrows, space to jump and "X" to attack. You can make too a special attack with "Z".

Controller Support:
You can play with a joystick.

Permanent Death?
Your objective is find the Fairie Queen Verdefolhas. Once you are in a dream world, you could not die, but you can lost yourself in a Sea of Dreams. You could choose diferent paths to go if you get down in a Game Over Level. Yes, the Game Over is a level, it make the game continuous without boring interruptions.

No Text Interruptions:
Working with the dinamic read of the comics, all dialogs, informations, texts and onomatopoeias make part of the gameplay, like visual elements, giving you a the possibilities to percept it and read or ignore it.

Dungeon Crawler with hidden levels:
If you find the Fairie Queen Verdefolhas, not necessarily you have ended the game. Some levels could be find if some puzzles has been resolved.

Working in progress:
Even if the game has finished, new levels, paralels stories, new characters, features and maintenances will be updated. So your sugestions can bring new updates for the game.