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Different tile and sprite colors

A topic by theExtinctGamer created Apr 22, 2017 Views: 712 Replies: 12
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Can you make it so for every sprite or tile you make, you can change it's color separately instead of one color for all of them. Btw This is a really amazing game maker!

And can you also add useable sprites? For example: The character can pick up a sprite that looks like a gun because you allowed it to be pickable. And you can make the character spawn with that useable sprite.

I think having a unique color per sprite/tile would be outside the scope of Bitsy's current goals, which is to stay very simple.

However, an item system of some kind is very much on my mind, so stay tuned for that!

I'm against choosing a different color for every different sprite. I do, however, think that it would be nice to have the possibility for a
sprite to have the title's color, and vice-versa. The reason is simple: help people making side-scrolling games!

Currently you can't really pass through a sprite, and I fully understand why - you interact with a sprite by bumping on it, so passing through would always trigger a dialogue.

At the moment, you can circumvent the problem by making the NPC an animated title and put an invisible sprite over it - so you can trigger the conversation if you press UP in front of it. But this means that "walkable" sprites will always have the same color of the title, and it can look confusing.

(Hope my ramblings are clear. I can't English at 2AM.)

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yup, I see what you mean! I can see the case for that - it would keep the color palette small but add some flexibility. thanks for the feedback!

I'm pretty sure you can make sprite colored "tiles" by making a sprite with no text, you'd just have to duplicte it multiple times to use it multiple times!

It would be nice if we had the ability of setting some varables, have it so you can change it like the exits, set an tile that changes a varable when you go on it, and have it so you can tweak areas depending on the varables (example: having a key looking tile with a varable change when you go on that same tile, tweak the area so the key tile doesn't show up anymore and a new varable change is add right in front of a door without needing to make a copy of the areas and re adding sprites and exits.

Another tool that would be nice is connecting areas together, (example: set area 2 to be to the north of area 1, it would make exits along the south part of area 1 connecting to area 2 on the north and visa versa)

Last thing, it would be nice if you could see the tile under the avatar inseated of just the blank color of the back ground.

thanks for the feedback - those are great ideas! I'll add them to my backlog. in fact, I'm already working on some way to have variables.

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Those varables will open a lot of options!

Oh, and could you let us have the option to randomize varables?

This totally isn't a evil plan to make an rpg inside bitsy.

Another thing is being able to change what the avatar looks like between areas, I've been making some cutseen-ish stuff in my WIP games and I found that you have to have the avatar somewhere on the screen, not the biggist proplem.

yeah, switching avatars is definitely on my to-do list. randomization is a good idea too :)

If you wanted to make this sorta thing easier, you could maybe add a new color variable to the palette that's for the avatar specifically, so the avatar's color would change according to the palette being used and you still get to have your sprites be a different color? That's be pretty neat to have.

interesting idea! I have to think about that since it might break compatibility with older games

Mayhaps a way to change the palette of a room (temporarily) with variables, such as {set roompal "Grassy"}

It would return to normal upon leaving the room, so you wouldn't have to reset it! :)