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Top-down arcade shooter with a space vehicle on a desert planet · By Saiodin

Ram hog

A topic by descontinue created Apr 21, 2017 Views: 364 Replies: 3
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After playing a while the game got laggy i noticed that it took up 14 GB's of RAM memory at that moment.

Wow, that is crazy and shouldn't happen. Thanks for the info! Could you please define "a while" for me? 10, 20, 30 minutes? Garbage collection is something I especially had a look at and combined it with the Autosaving function (the hiccup while saving is garbage collection, not the saving actually).

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I was playing for a few hours and just reached the part that you have to get into the base after the first boss fight ( I played it in a single go so from start till defeating gibor)

Thanks for the reply. I had a game jam from Fr to Mo so was busy. I will still look into it, but if its really that crazy at some point regardless of anything you could save, restart and load. Which you probably now, but Ill just mention it here.