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Oathbreaker: Season 2

A medieval fantasy visual novel / story game · By LarkyLabs


A topic by Ivana Weatherhood created Apr 09, 2020 Views: 680 Replies: 5
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I'm so excited! As soon as I got the notificaiton I zoomed over.


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Yup. I am super ultra  mega obsessed with Alwenn's and Raelan's new designs. Couldn't have imagined they'd turn out to look so *chef's kiss* perfect. 

And the little girl! Baby Yoda incarnate. 

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I'm kinda sad that Virion's beautiful hair got chopped. But Raelan looks amazing for sure! My two favorites! I wonder who the two new characters are. I wish there was little name tags under the pictures or when you hover over them! I forgot, I think the new female is Raelan's wife, Marian. It looks like her, at least. So... two possible royal romances? :D Oooo, I wonder if you can romance the original characters if you didn't romance them before in the first game. That'd be cool!

I just finish the playing what is available and this.... is so good. I'm amazed and (still) super excited for what is to come!!