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Upgrade Menu Idea

A topic by DomDropsBombs created Apr 20, 2017 Views: 171 Replies: 4
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With the upgrade menu getting fuller with upgrades, and the "circle menu" as I like to call it a good looking style of upgrade menu, I drew up an style that will still be "circle-y". (It's pretty much a branching radial menu).

Lovely Picture made in MS Paint :D \/ (lower quality due to broken drawing tablet T-T)

(pretty great drawing with mouse I know)

It's mainly just a base concept that could fit more and categorize the upgrades by weapons, body mods, etc. In random upgrades a random category could be chosen and a random upgrade within that category. (Just a thought.)

Colors are there just for pretty factor, but it can be any color, because it's Doborog's game :P

I kinda just thought it up because circlez are a nice feng shui to the game.

(love you Doborog, you're my senpai)

Nice! I like the look of it. :D

At some point we might definitely have to think about how to deal with the sheer number of upgrades the game allows you to experiment with. Perhaps there will come a day when the upgrades don't fit on a single screen like they do right now...

Single screen? Was Upgrade Bot 2.0 teased? 0.0

No firm plans at all. We're gonna let it evolve as the needs of the game change. :)

Quality 10/10 IGN