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2D Space Shooter - Top, Side and Twin-Stick

A topic by builtinaday created Apr 20, 2017 Views: 264
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"Speaking In Guns" is the first project by Built In A Day. The game features levels set in the three types of '2D shooter' games: top, side and twin-stick. The project is based around the twin-stick control style, but applies this style to all level types.

There's a single player campaign with 9 levels, 3 minibosses, 3 bosses (plus air hockey!)

The multiplayer includes Coop versions of single player levels and a Co-Pilot mode (also plus air hockey!)

Some Basic Playtest Questions:

-Is moving the ship and weapon aim independently fun in top- and side-scrolling levels? Or is it only fun in twin-stick levels?

-Are the player/enemy weapons over- or under-powered?

-What other weapon types would you like to see for the player/enemies?

-Should there be sound f/x for shots and explosions, or would that be a big wall of noise?

-Is the Co-Pilot mode any good?

-Is the whole thing an unsatisfying mashup of 2D shooter tropes?

So, say "NO" to Work N' Worry and "YES" to Guns N' Glory, and go check out the demo today!

Much Love,

Kevin Beissel