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Where is 1.0.5 for Mac??

A topic by Squidgy665577 created Apr 18, 2017 Views: 1,147 Replies: 8
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I was super exited about this cool new ubdate for raft that i had seen on youtube, i come to play it, and its not even Mac compatible!!!!! PLEASE ADD THIS IN THE NEXT PATCH OR UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the same question

yeah i have the same question too


They don't do updates on Mac and Linux anymore they only do it for Windows now.

well, thats annoying. i guess i'll have to use wine.

yep.... :(

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It's unfortunate that Mac support has dropped. PortingTeam user csb06 has you covered. If anyone is interested in downloading a Wineskin wrapper that v1.05 can be installed into please follow the link below.

Cheers! And have fun!

*EDIT - It should be mentioned that this wrapper only supports the 32bit version.

But wine will limit video ram to 256 mb, will be a bad experience 

Is it just too complicated to make updates for more than one OS? Why have the updates stopped....why? :'(