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Dying Engine! A game where you abduct humans and make them your slaves!

A topic by DemonicGames created Apr 18, 2017 Views: 148
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Dying Engine! A top-down, twin-stick style shooter where you can abduct humans and use their brains to create robotic slaves to fight for you.

You are an alien AI, on a thousand year mission to retrieve the lost power crystals that will save your creators. The shards have landed on a primitive world and the natives are trying to stop you.

  • Mech-Based combat, independent torso and turret weapons.
  • Abduct pathetic humans and make them into your robotic slaves!
  • Customize and Upgrade your Engine.
  • Day/Night cycle and weather effects.
  • Varied enemies.
  • Unique weaponry

Developer Note

This is a prototype release containing all the features listed in the game description, but it is not a finished game.