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In appreciation of the "bummer endings"

A topic by aphrodisia created Apr 04, 2020 Views: 892 Replies: 4
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Just played the game for about 9 hours straight... and wanted to share my thoughts. I saw a lot of complaints and warnings about the game being "depressing"... it is. But here's why that shouldn't stop you from playing or buying it...

Many see video games as an escape, and "dating sims" as something heartfelt and wholesome. Some don't want to experience things that are upsetting or where there is no "happy end". 

But in life, happy endings are few and fragile, and people are cruel and unpredictable. Some people, as it happens, are headed for "bad endings", or hell bent on their own destruction. Cynical of me to say, maybe. The story this game tells is painful, and for the soft of heart, maybe unbearable. It takes your power away, as a player, because you think that you should be able to "rescue" the characters you are attached to, even though it's unrealistic. No one wants to stomach the ugliest and most unspeakable truth--salvation isn't granted to everyone, and some people you can't help at all.

Even so, it's so beautiful that you'd be making a mistake to pass it up. It takes a special author to write characters so poignantly and passionately real. Incredibly flawed, not heroes or villains. The whole cast is painted in deep grey colors, even the main character. It's almost magic, and I, as a writer, appreciate it all the more. Would there be so many people posting, lamenting how deeply troubled they were by the game, if it were not written with such finesse?

We need more than just happy stories and loving true endings. Sometimes, bitterness and darkness taste sweeter than saccharine fantasies. It just takes the right palate, and the willingness to accept hearing about the dark and shitty sides of humanity that we know exist but want to avoid.

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You can't have one without the other.


"Bummer endings" are great and more games should have them but it really does look like  they pushed a whole bunch of anything dark and depressing in way too heavy in an attempt to make it grittier which for the most part is good   id be happy with bummer endings  ,super bummer and probably neutral endings where while its not all fluffy   its just a normal ending your alive maybe your so is too but maybe  moving away  (tbf thats hat i did in vampire the masquerade just walked off  )  there is also the fact that they do advertise the game as  "you decide "  when half the time my choices didn't change much   or i was seemingly  punished  for something despite which option i picked (never picked any of the sex ones that was too weird for me) and I dont get why people do not get that marcus is presumably asexual and just doesn't like sex


This visual novel has the not-so-pretty nature of humans their unattainable dreams of peace and happiness figured out. Definitely something worth thinking if you aim to better understand where the problems of humanity stem from. Understanding misery and its inevitableness. ( if you're lucky/unlucky to be "saved" by someone still blinded by idealism, you will not understand how things we strive for are unobtainable )

I can see how some people are frustrated with the endings and romance, but I do appreciate how unconventional, dark and truly miserable it is, not to mention the food for thought it delivers.

Loved the writing honestly