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Rogue Legend 2

Run a farm, a shop, or dungeons with friends · By Kassoon

Specs for the game?

A topic by north.evan created Apr 03, 2020 Views: 73 Replies: 1
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Hey Kassoon,

Are there currently specs that are recommended for the game? I fired it up and the game runs about 2-5 fps for me, and the laptop fan screams something horrible. I have most of the graphics settings as low as they'll go. I also have a weird thing where a bunch of little blue rectangles float around to the south and east of my character's location. I have some screenshots, but can't upload them here with the size limit.

For the record, I'm running dual-core, 8 GB RAM, intel i5, Macbook with Catalina. Let me know if there's anything else I can provide, I absolutely love the idea of the game!

I test on an i5 6600 with a Geforce GTX 960 and get 60-90 fps at medium settings on PC. Mac support is a bit sketchy at the moment as OSX has been changing a lot of their graphics support, which there isn't much I can do about except wait for further updates. The macbook I was testing on has died so I haven't been able to personally debug OSX specific issues.