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Create 2D Badminton Game !!!

A topic by RoyEXP created 9 days ago Views: 120 Replies: 9
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Hello, I would like to create a badminton game in 2D. Currently I'm on gamemaker, but why not switch to unity (which I do not know). I'm looking for people who would like to collaborate with me for programming, graphics or sounds. Convinced that the biggest difficulty for this game to please the greatest number, we must really begin by working on the playability: what does not exist today on the games of badminton that one can see on the smartphones or Consoles.

For those who would like to start this adventure, let's start the discussion!


I liked to play badminton with my friend very much and I know it's easy to hit the shuttlecock, even when you run away from the net. And it's easy to break the rackets strings, and the shuttlecocks with rubber fly long distances. And afair the other ones fly at first like a bullet, then virtually stop and fall down.

Effectively the trajectory is really particular compared to a tennis ball or squash. To make it more playable, I think to realize it with a view from above.

Interested ?

I've searched a PM function, sorry for the delay. I've got no mobile device and no collaboration experience. I find the idea interesting, but I don't know what plans you have and probably I don't fit into the project.

i have no collaboration experience too.

I practice badminton since I was young and I am frustrated that there is no correct video game that exists on computer.

I would like to unite one or several people who would like to carry out this project together without pressure.

As I told you, my opinion on the game is to start with a top view in 2D and not with something very complex in 3D etc ...

Are you rather comfortable in drawing, programming, badminton? :)

Someone else has already tried on his side and could give us his return on the difficulties encountered to realize this type of game?

I'm not stopped on anything, can we go on a type of futuristic racket sport too ?

Without pressure is good. A top view just like Kick Off 2? I liked this game, just like I like Smiley Volley - though this was side view, but at least no mixture of views.

I can only create simple 2d drawings in Xara. I've tried on a top view tennis game once, and it became a 4-button game (left,right,up,down), the racket would move as you pressed left or right. So, left and right did both move the player and swing the racket at the same time. (Not saying I'd prefer this, I'm just remembering.)

Do you plan to make it button based or gesture based or both? Do you know Monkey X? I find it cool, though I just don't know Unity and Game Maker.

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"colo" : If you wish we can continue to discuss by mail

Thanks, I've sent you a mail, it might be in the spam folder because of yandex.

Ok I received it and I just answered you !

Have you received it ?

Yes, I've received it.