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A topic by colo created 9 days ago Views: 116
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This should become a game where you can play and create things virtually at the same time. It has basic drawing features and you can already draw simple shapes.

It's not meant to be for different operating systems and needs like that. I don't think I can make it versatile like a "Studio". So, it will be a toy to draw basic shapes mostly, and some things around that.

50% finished means, It can roughly do what it should, but it's not yet fun to use it.

First signs of progress and 50.5% done by learning how to use itch.io :) For people who like to try a prototype, you can try it now here https://colo.itch.io/levely

- Added howto.txt and the .tone files. They are used for the tracker.
- Added a near-empty level2 folder to see that setlevel() works, which is part of the scripting.

- Added getters for camera position and background color. A script can now make an area darker.

- Added getidx command. A script can now set the sprite's position relative to another. Since - for the sake of easy drawing - there is no frame-wise animation, this is a sort of a replacement to enable some ragdoll animations.
- Fixed z-order of runtime sprite copies
- Fixed dark area script

- Fixed player rescue from falling endlessly
- Fixed sprite initialization
- Added vector editor command to snap shapes
- Added explanation of the vector editor commands

- Improved object dragging
- Improved Snap Points command
- Added short-cut for Delete command

- Added parallax commands