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Option for Locked Aspect Ratio/Maintain Square Pixels

A topic by Sentient68k created Apr 12, 2017 Views: 204 Replies: 6
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It'd be nice to have the option of maintaining or otherwise controlling the virtual game console's aspect ratio. My poor chunky pixels can get easily distorted if I'm not careful and it seems there's no easy way to lock or reset the window back to a proper aspect ratio/resolution should you accidentally resize it in an unusual way.

Additionally it would probably be very useful to have the option of multiplying the window resolution by a few intervals (2x - 8x?) of the native "console" resolution.

I don't know if something like this is being addressed in the next update's bug fixes for the UI. If not though, it'd be appreciated to see this on the road in the near-future.

I actually wanted to do something like this but it will probably be after the beta launch. I wanted to enable a way to toggle full screen and I have a bug down for addressing the pixel scaling which I'm not very happy with right now. Having a setting to do 1x, 2x, etc would be good too.

Glad to hear it's at least on your mind. :) Looking forward to when it ends up addressed. Thank you!

i've noticed that problem too, there is a solution which pico-8 managed to fixe somewhere. but i have no idea how he did it. i will update my post once i found that said solution.

Does Pico8 always scale perfectly when you resize it? I'm sure I can sort this out but right now it's low on the list. I think I'd like to add some settings that let you scale the window to better resolutions.

yes here an example how pico-8 behaved, i think you will get some hint with this example

i hope it does help you out :) unfortunately, i couldn't find any information about that system... but i do hope you will figure it out :)

That video makes sense. I had a similar idea so I'll try to take a stab at it when I get a chance.