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GunSpinning VR 0.9.0 BETA 1 is live! Sticky

A topic by demonixis created Apr 12, 2017 Views: 328
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Hi there,

Let me introduce the new release of GunSpinning VR, it brings many new features as well as updates and fixes.

There are weird things in town, people have changed, they looks different.. they looks dead, but they are alive! Find your way in the different levels to discovers the source of the "problem".


The current beta has two levels, you already know the first, it's the farm, where you can learn how to use your weapon. The second level is the long awaited town! It's infested by zombies so be careful.


Now you have all you need to do your best score. Do you see those blue items? Shoot them all to get the higher rank!

Download now

What change with this beta?

I need your help to tweak mobs and weapons, so please play it and tell me what do you think about this beta. You can contact me at

Also, the full game is now $4.99, it will be at a higher price when the full release will be done. Don't worry, a demo will be always available with the training level (this is what you have today).



  • Android support (internal only, wait for 0.9+ for a public release)
  • Story mode with zombies (non free)
  • Added a new level (The City)
  • Enhanced training mode (will stay free)
  • Left hand support, gaze and controllers
  • Enable or disable lasers (disabled by default, except in menus)
  • Pause menu
  • Added more graphics options
  • New particles
  • Added collectable items in levels
  • The player can die now (so be careful)
  • Added new effects
  • Ximmerse controllers are supported on Android only
  • Possible SteamVR Linux support (I'm on it!)


  • Updated all VR SDKs (Oculus, OpenVR, OSVR, Ximmerse)
  • A lot of refactoring / bug fixes

For OSVR users on Linux and Mac, I added a hack to force the distortion correction!

preview mac

What Next?

  • Level 2
  • Boss 1
  • Better Balancing
  • Official Android release (Cardboard here, but GearVR and DayDream)
  • NoloVR controllers support

Have a great day,