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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Here is a few ideas guys=)

A topic by Zigzagmquaq created Apr 11, 2017 Views: 387 Replies: 3
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The game is already really cool, but there are a few things for dynamic of the game in my opinion.

1) Increase a little the speed of the character, it's very sad somewhere to walk((( at least slightly increasing the speed, will be much more fun to roam the planet by foot, until I get my buggy. In the beginning the character runs faster than after long game((

2) you Need to come up with more types of food, grass is growing rare, in the end, I'm on day 28 provided himself with food of the 61 meals and it was only thanks to hydroponics. Ultimately, I think my cat would have a problem with food in the future. Because seeds spawn rarely =( But in the future all my meals will go away(((

3) what are the yellow plants? What to do with them, nothing falls out and they don't grow further? =) Maybe you have plans for these weeds =)

4) is it Possible to reduce the number of leakage of oxygen at the base? That's really annoying, sometimes the night before 4-5 leaks =( Instead of having to craft something in the night you have to plug the leak. It brings sadness.

5) I've read that you have already removed the camera from the buggy, but may have to zoom out the camera from the character? To make camera how buggy the character, and the buggy is still out more? Constantly crash into the rocks speeding...

6) Need a wind generator! It is by far =) also you may want to look at the number of energy produced by the generator for the radioactive ore? You long to roam collect the ore and the output is a constant 5 units of energy=)

7) it would be cool if the map will have core resources. For example a huge rock from the ore, ice, stone, scrap metal. Having examined the rock and get for example a lot of resources. Or, for example, automatic drills are put into a vein and drill himself on the day prevails, say 3-5 units of something.

Guys. super cool! And I am sure it will be tops along with RimWorld. But there is lots and lots of work. Damn guys and still increase the character's speed by foot =)) This is really sad =))) Thanks that gave the world this awesome Game!

It'll be cool also to have music from menu through playing the game! Thanks

Some notes:

1) Try a save and reload. If you've been running around a long time, the map and objects you've seen appear to build up.

2) I believe it is intentional that you will exhaust the local resources and need to explore ever further afield to keep going. Try packing yourself a portable base, and drive out for a few days to get lots more resources.

4) They do seem to happen a lot when you least want them. If you drive far enough away that the map tile unloads, your base won't spring any more leaks while you're gone ;)

6) Wind generator is a classic suggestion, and a good one. The RTG is in fact quite overpowered however. It is particularly OP in comparison to real life units. For the same metal cost, plus the 6 radioactive ore, you get a full half of the power output of a solar panel, but the power flows during the night and never needs cleaning. Other than the starting equipment, my bases run on 100% nuclear power :)

i like it.