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Odd loop?

A topic by Michael Beckman created Apr 11, 2017 Views: 179 Replies: 10
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I meet Junk, we go to the first map, I head to the map and beat the one monster, then head back to Junk. Repeat. Am I missing something here?



Hello there!

Currently it should go: Tutorial -> Visit Junk / Purchase upgrade -> Complete Sewer Clean-Up -> (Purchase new upgrade if enough Gold) -> King Gloob -> Undead Round-Up.

It's possible to play Sewer Clean-Up and Undead Round-Up multiple times for extra Gold and upgrades if a Boss is too difficult.

Sewer Clean-Up and Undead Round-Up each should have 3-6 units in each stage.

When all of the enemies are defeated in a stage, the Gold you acquire there is saved and the next stage is unlocked.

This shows the basic gameplay loop with a very limited selection of stages and randomisation. I plan on adding more random elements and challenges for replayability in the future :)

Do you have access to all of these stages?

Hello again.

I do not have access to those stages. It starts with Junk, who asks me what I am. Beat the single enemy. Character says better see Junk again. Back to odd job. Repeat.


Hmmm man that's very strange as the next stage should unlock as soon as you enter Junk's Shop. When you exit Junk's Shop it should be there!

What's the screen you see when you load the game again? Is Junk's Shop unlocked at least?

It may be that for some reason the save function isn't working. What browser are you using?

So, it would seem it's the browser that's causing the issues. I usually run Brave (this is where the game never worked correctly). I also ran the game on Safari and Firefox. Worked fine there.


Ah interesting - thank you for your feedback man! :D

I'll look into changing the save format and see if that works with Brave if it's not too hard to do :)


The save files probably get caught in Brave's security.

I'll do further research to see how this might be avoided if at all possible :) I'll ask around the GameMaker community!


I can confirm that the save file gets caught in Brave's cookie blocking software - disabling it for the site allowed it to work as intended.

Have you played any other HTML5 games that use saving with Brave? I'd be curious as to if they work was well!

Thank you for bringing this up :D

Same problem with chrome


Thank you for the feedback! So strange as I'm using Chrome and it works fine. Could be based on settings. I think I'll supply a .exe for those having trouble with HTML5 until I get a fix.


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