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Radical Solitaire

Never a bad deal. Always a RAD DEAL! · By Vector Hat

A couple of suggestions

A topic by jmz-b created 14 days ago Views: 54 Replies: 4
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This game is amazing, great way to waste some time. Couple of suggestions though, would be easier to play with a trackpad if you added double click to put up and auto-complete once all the cards are turned over.

I was just coming here to suggest this after I got all the way through a game only to double click on a card, making it get "stuck" and having to quit out without completing it. Also maybe a way to toggle between 3-card and 1-card games?


This should fix that bug. Thanks again for reporting it.


Double-click up is a good suggestion and I have noted it and may do it someday, when I find a little time.

I'll look into that double-click bug ASAP, sorry about that. :(

1 card at a time?! You already can't lose! :P 


Double click is in!