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A Knight Never Yields - now in early access

A topic by Nut Cracks Studio created Apr 09, 2017 Views: 138 Replies: 1
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A Knight Never Yields - 3D fantasy platformer game where you have to finish each level twice; once the normal way, second time completely blinded.

Key features

A Knight Never Yields is the platform game where you

  • Play as hero with no eye-sight
  • Use your hearing, sense of rhythm and visual clues to finish each level
  • Unlock new skills to overcome deadly traps
  • Face 19 levels - difficulty goes higher as you progress
  • Get straight into game with simple tutorials covering each aspect of the game

Use your hearing, wit, sense of rhythm, memory and in-game clues to get through each level. Complete all Trials and emerge as true knight - Member of the Order of Blind Knights!

A Knight Never Yields - link to page

A Knight Never Yields is now free for first 50 people, then we will lock it. If you are interested in something different, go and grab a copy. Also feel free to leave a feedback on the page.