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NaNoRenO2020 Update Sticky

A topic by sakevisual created Mar 23, 2020 Views: 1,217 Replies: 3
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NaNoRenO is and always has been a community event. While I'm happy to be part of organizing it, I don't make the rules, and I don't control the community. That being said, several people have expressed a desire for an extended deadline, as our current global health conditions have put several teams behind schedule. To accommodate those requests, I've edited the deadline to include two extra weeks. Whether you choose to use this time is entirely up to you, and I hope you NaNo in whichever way is best for you. I've renamed this page NaNoRenO2020+ to reflect that this is not the traditional NaNo.

Please do not think of this as time to add more to your VN. In fact, all those things you thought you might have to cut out? You should probably cut them out anyway. (Speaking from personal experience.) Thank you for reading, and I'm cheering for all of you.


Thank you for the update!

Many thanks!  Definitely needed this~

This was definitely needed, thanks!!