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How should I make a visual novel game?

A topic by salceous created Apr 08, 2017 Views: 1,643 Replies: 6
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I have no experience in game development at all, but I'm good at digital art and I know what kind of game I want. I want it so that the gamer's actions has consequences that affects how the story goes, and I also want cutscenes (like where another character's face can be up close and stuff).

I don't want to spend money on buying anything. I just started using Unity today but I'm still working on creating the main menu (and I'm having trouble with it). It looks like it doesn't support cutscenes.

Also, how do I draw the characters and backgrounds on a different platform and then plug it in to the project?

Sorry for the questions but I'm really confused haha.

Thanks :)


Ren'Py is an easy to use game engine designed for visual novels. You might want to start there:

Although making one in Unity is possible, you'll have to code many things that Ren'Py gives you by default.

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If you don't want to code, try Cloudnovel. It's a web-app, so you don't have to download anything. There are tutorials on the website and youtube, and there are pre-made assets available. I love it, though I have yet to publish anything there.

Try it out here:


Belle and Webstory Engine are two other VN engines for the Web, the former visual while the latter requires a bit of coding. But Ren'Py is the industry standard: mature, powerful and well-supported, with the ability to export for all major operating systems, including Android.

But yeah, there are VN frameworks for more general game engines like Unity and Love2D, too.

Hi! Just to add a question, since I'm in the same boat. Can cloudnovel projects be exported and uploaded other places?


The CloudNovel website states outright that you can download the games:

"share it online with friends or download and sell your game"

But if you do that, make sure to read about their licensing requirements.

Late but for future readers in the same situation:

Check out Fungus for Unity. No coding required.