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How should I make a visual novel game?

A topic by salceous created 16 days ago Views: 49 Replies: 1
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I have no experience in game development at all, but I'm good at digital art and I know what kind of game I want. I want it so that the gamer's actions has consequences that affects how the story goes, and I also want cutscenes (like where another character's face can be up close and stuff).

I don't want to spend money on buying anything. I just started using Unity today but I'm still working on creating the main menu (and I'm having trouble with it). It looks like it doesn't support cutscenes.

Also, how do I draw the characters and backgrounds on a different platform and then plug it in to the project?

Sorry for the questions but I'm really confused haha.

Thanks :)


Ren'Py is an easy to use game engine designed for visual novels. You might want to start there: https://www.renpy.org/

Although making one in Unity is possible, you'll have to code many things that Ren'Py gives you by default.

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