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Update (07.04.2017)

A topic by MOKKA created Apr 07, 2017 Views: 256 Replies: 2
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This is going to be a short, because I didn't much the past week. I'll explain more after the notes

  • should have solved the issue of players sometimes getting stuck in walls in space levels (let me know, if this still happens)
  • activated highscore and stat tracking
  • some minor visual improvements

This past weekend I started to not sleep very well. I was feeling agitated, nervous and make things worse, I had some slight feelings of discomfort in my chest. This and the fact that I couldn't explain what was wrong with me led to me having two panic attacks. One on Sunday, the other on Tuesday.

Yesterday night, as I felt it happening again, I actually went to a hospital to see a doctor, but he couldn't find anything wrong with me. I'm probably going to have to do another doctor's visit to get a bit more thorough check up, but from the looks of it, most of my current condition could be stress/mental health related.

As a first step to get myself back into shape, I decided to stop working on this game for at least another week. I have to wait for the store graphics to be done anyway, before I can start actually working towards the Steam version, so I'll use this a good excuse to turn things down a bit.

This of course means that future updates will be a bit off, until I can manage to take care of whatever it is that's currently wrong with me.

Still fee free to solicit feedback/bug reports, but unless it's something really urgent, don't expect a fast response.

Man, sad to hear this. I hope you get back on your feet easily (i will not say fast, take your time).
I will try to test the heck out of this version for one evening within the next two weeks and let you know about the details.

Again: Take some rest, health is the most important thing! 👍

Did some testing tonight:

  • After I die, I your logo first, which turns into the startscreen. Maybe this can be cut with a press on "start" or "fire", since I want to go directly back in action ("Einmal noch!"). If you keep the short animation, it breaks my "flow". ;)
  • As a test I changed some values in the "hacker intro" (less damage) and in the game itself (less screenshake) and the whole game felt slowed down/running slowly. The situation did not change after I died once or twice, it's permanent.
  • I restarted the whole game, changed nothing and started it: No slowdowns, runs smoothly as I expected.
  • I needed to take a break and hit "P" on the keyboard (old habits, I guess) and I die. I had my break now, however I did not expect that :D

Apart from I did not encounter anything noteworthy. I will do some more testing in the next days.

Happy Easter Holidays!