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CODE ORDINAL RISE ### Low Poly Survival Arena First-Person Action RPG ###

A topic by WhiteSponge created 20 days ago Views: 54 Replies: 2
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Code Ordinal Rise - Low Poly Survival Arena First-Person Action RPG

Hello! My name is David and recently I was playing around with creating low poly objects for the first time and ended up starting this new game.

I shared that screenshot and gotten some friends and people interested (yay!) even without any core gameplay added to it. I basically pieced together some random cool words to arrive at the game's name :D

Code Ordinal Rise will be an arena survival First-Person RPG where you have to survive waves and hordes of enemies coming at you. It sounds simple because it is.

Anyhow, this is where I will post frequent updates of the game's progress! As of now, Code Ordinal Rise is 2 weeks in its development!

You can also find me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/WhiteSponge where I frequently tweet about the game too!

The new Facebook page is also up!

Look forward to the game's progress as there will be a super early alpha demo coming in the next few months or so! Cheers!


Development at 2 weeks 2 days in:


I have always been intrigued by magic and so with Code Ordinal Rise, there will be a lot of spell casting (of course you can choose other attack options)!

And here is the 1st ever spell cast test!

I call this the Magic Shot spell! It mainly consists of a magic circle and a purple magic projectile that flies out! Think of it as the 1st spell you will ever get to use in the game :P

And as you can see, it still needs lots of improvement (e.g camera shake).

Ok so this is a rather short update but look forward to the next! :)


Development at 3 weeks 0 days in:


I'm back with another small update on Code Ordinal Rise!

So I have finally added a simple HUD on the bottom left corner of the game!

I decided to go the minimal and clean look so it would not clutter up the screen as well. While it isn't obvious at 1st glance what the various bars are for, I do want you to find out/learn about it in-game instead (the diamond bar is the xp bar, multiple vertical rectangles bar is the health bar and the thinner bar at the bottom is the mana bar)

And towards that aspect, you will also spent mana when casting spells! If you do not have enough mana, puff!

Your mana (MP) will also regenerate on its own and I do plan to add options in the game which will speed that up!

As mentioned, it's a rather short update as well so that's it for today!

Remember to find me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/WhiteSponge where I frequently tweet about the game!

Look forward to the next update! :D