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Esoteric ♥ Erotica

A story driven erotic game about magic, supernatural forces, love and BDSM. · By EsoDev

Didnt Install As Administrator

A topic by GNEXIA001 created Mar 16, 2020 Views: 317 Replies: 3
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So i just install it without as admin, it make my game ui not like the one on the pic example, any help?


But I'd assume it just failed and Windows isn't letting it use the proper emulation mode.

yes, it doesnt use proper resource or emulation mode, how to fix it? 

Do what the instruction says. It won't work if an administrator doesn't set the emulation mode.

If you cannot are are unwilling to do so, I'm sorry, it just won't work.

And while I plan to address this issue somehow eventually, it will not be right now, nor soon. As I unfortunately have other priorities as far as development goes.