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Drake full version is now released!

A topic by Gawain (DarkGriffin) created Apr 04, 2017 Views: 105
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A long year ago, I had made an entry into the 64x64 pixel #lowresjam here on My entry only had a single stage, but I had said I would make the other stages and complete the game later. This is a lot "later" then I initially had in mind, but I have completed the other levels and you can now play the full game!

I would love it if you could take the time to play the game, and share the link around your circles so it can hit as big an audience as possible.

For you fellow players/publishers who are still reading this, I'd also love some feedback on the price. The flash version provided is the entire game, so you are not missing any content behind the paywall. Is the experience and the convenience of "owning" a copy of the game worth that price tag to you? Why or why not?

I could really use some feedback on this because as a completely broke gamer myself I have very little grasp of what a "normal" or "average" gamer would feel is worth the money. (I know there is no such gamer, but I hope you get the idea what I'm trying to say.) I'd be happy to change the price one way or another, but I really don't want to "undersell" the game's design work, especially since my graphics are very retro to a fault and such underselling might give the wrong impressions.

Oh, the guidelines say to put a screenshot here, but I don't know how. My page's screen shots are not showing up in the game page, I think it's due to being an HTML game page? How do I get the url for an uploaded screenshot on (They must exist somewhere, cause the search page is able to use them in the thumbnail pop ups.) I guess till someone helps me just pretend some 4 color retro goodness is in this part of the post.