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Toryanse: Reel

A tiny, wordless, interactive short-story... · By Arcto Games

Toryanse Reel - FREE Game - Playthrough 60fps

A topic by darkvine created Apr 03, 2017 Views: 568
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I usually do First Impressions and write Steam reviews, guess this the version of that then:

It's a free small quite charming indie game, where you play a ghost guiding an elderly lady.

The gameplay itself isn't very exciting and consists of mostly pixel hunting, which is moving the cursor over the screen until you find something you can interact with, and advance the story. It crashed on me at the end.

Toryanse Reel Free Game Playthrough recorded at 60fps

0:00 Starting the game, short intro ramble.

1:22 The kitty.

2:08 Push over the bike, startle the cat.

9:26 Looking for the smartphone code.

10:58 Turning on the smartphone.