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Mahou no mori to jinja no Miko

A topic by Miguel Giménez created Apr 03, 2017 Views: 257
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This game was made for NaNoRenO2017. Will be a series of short stories set in a fantasy oriental ancient land portraying the everyday life of the Witch of the forest and the Shrine Maiden as it translates.

This first short story: Moonlight, presents the characters from the MC's point of view as he gets to meet the girls.

A little side note: We knew about the Nanoreno event for the first time this year, as soon as it started and we decided to give it a try even if we never tried RenPy before, we learned absolutely everything on the way, so it isn't too much of a surprise that we didn't managed to finish the whole project, (specially on CGs because on script and coding it's pretty much done) but we did reach a milestone that was the first half of it, including 2 bad endings and 1 "true" ending so it is more than enough to be our first time. We are planning on finishing it of course, even if it's not Nanoreno anymore we had so much fun on this project that we will update it as soon as the CGs for part 2 are done. Until then I hope you enjoy this one!

It will feature: A point and click mini-game. Personalized sprites and textboxes. 6-8 CGs. Chibi simple animations. Backgrounds made in SFM. 2 bad ends, 1 good end, and one ??? end.


About the main characters:

Born only one year ago as simple mascots of 2 hentai artists, (we promised each other they wouldn't have nor story, nor names, hence the Miko called Miko and the Witch called Mahou) today they have won enough popularity so they were chosen via poll as the main characters of their story.

Because we always fail at not giving our characters a little life, even if they were intended for lewd purposes, they ended up having their own weird and twisted personalities:



About us:

Subrineet: Or Subri, for short: 21 y/o | Illustrator in formation | Pro roleplayer(?) | Way into japanese youkais (?) | Website
EscapistHowl: Or Howl, for short: 27 y/o | Graphic designer | Illustrator in formation | Too perfeccionist for her own good (?). | Website
WuShuTiger: 32 y/o | Informatic engineer | Bruce Lee is his hero(?) | The only sane person here (?)

What we all have in common: We are Venezuelan, living together in Chile. We are new to the visual novel community. We have never even remotely touched RenPy before and this is absolutely the first project of this kind we've ever made. We want to make many, many more from now on!

Also our pro friends at:

Miguel Jimenez -
Héctor Vargas -
***Script Editing***
CH808 -
SilverTongue -
Enunciado Miscelaneo -
***Sound Edition***
-"Vicken Jimenez" -