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Chocolate Pants The Unicorn

A Rogue-Like video game where your character has to save Chocolate Pants the Unicorn from a multi-dimensional dungeon. · By doommetalgames

Welcome to Chocolate Pants the Unicorn - Feedback welcome! Sticky

A topic by doommetalgames created Apr 02, 2017 Views: 114
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Developer (2 edits)


I'm the developer of Chocolate Pants the Unicorn and I'm hoping to engage in community interaction as I finish this game and polish it through the alpha and beta process in the months to come.

Current Status:Alpha Level 1 Demo .01

(updated 4/29/2017)

Alpha status means the game is incomplete and many features are missing .. however I have released the demo because the core gameplay which is procedural dungeon generation with turn based combat gameplay and the first level of content is now available

Updates are planned approximately 1 times a month - and I will attempt to prioritize community feedback.

See the devblog thread for weekly development updates here.

Planned features coming soon (month):

* level 2 content "CandyLand"

* improve dungeon generation with algorithm that determines if dungeon is solvable; if not discard & regenerate

* improve sounds on level 1

* design monsters AI for level 2

* sounds for level 2

* improve/expand item database for random item generation

* add procedural random generation to enemies (size, strength, abilities)

Planned features a little farther out(month+):

* level 3

* 3d models and animations for level 3 monsters

* design monsters AI for level 3

* sounds for level 3

* additional spells for player character

Thanks for trying out Chocolate Pants and leave a comment with any feedback you have for me.