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Game artist looking to join developer for 7DRL challenge

A topic by Suinotna created Mar 01, 2020 Views: 167 Replies: 1
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Hi, I'm an artist looking to join a talented and ambitious developer/team who wants their game to look good with original visual assets.

I want experience with the Roguelike/lite genre. I will work primarily from thursday and through the weekend. That means I will make no demands to the game design whatsoever and you can consider my service as a kind of addition to your game in the late development/polishing phase. Can adapt to a variety of different styles but I would prefer to work with a fidelity higher than "command promt" visuals.

I prefer working in Unity using C# but if you work in another engine I can just deliver the asset files and you can do the implementation yourself.

Check out my portfolio here:

So message me on Discord (Antonius#4916) if you need an artist. 

And btw I can do composition and audio engineering too if needed!


Congratulations for your portfolio! It looks really good and I liked the multiple different styles!

I especially liked the look and the mood of the Wotan Demo!

I don't know if you already have many request via Discord, but I would love to have a bit of your awesome art in the game that I am working on for this jam.

I am a developer in the process of learning the vast fields of knowledges requires to make fun and inspiring games.

It is a bit early in developement but I am attempting to make an action/exploration game in third person view. I created a terrain generation script and I am now working on the combat mechanics. Currently, the art is made from a mashup of free assets in the low poly style (nature, abandonned houses, old castle).

If you are interested you can check my other jam games hosted here on itch, I can show you the prototype I am working on and we can talk about how we can colaborate.

Looking forward to your answer.

Have a good day,