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Share Your WIP Here! Sticky

A topic by sakevisual created Mar 01, 2020 Views: 867 Replies: 18
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Do you have a WIP itch page for your NaNo project? Share it here so we can track each others' work and dev logs!

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Heya! My team is working on a NSFW game about cyborgs and lesbians, and we're calling it Full Service Shop! I've made a couple VNs in the past, and worked with this team on one before, so we're excited to finally get to work together again! I've always really wanted to do NaNoRenO, and usually make my VNs on a time crunch sometime in the fall, dreaming of being part of  the actual event. So I'm incredibly excited to see what everyone else will be working on, too!

How cool! This is my first VN attempt :D I really want to do this idea, I'm a solo studio soooo I'm planning to do everything I could but being realistic about it. Nice to meet you all!

It's good that you're keeping your expectations realistic! Accomplishing a game, even something really small, feels good, and gives you an even better sense of what you can handle later on, in both gaming and other projects. I'll add your game page to my NaNo collection to hopefully play later, and I'll be rooting you on! You got this!

Thank you Alexis, how sweet! :D I want to play all your games too!

Awww, thank you! We're hard at work, and I'm excited to see how things turn out!

oh cool! Someone else is also doing a cyborg parts shop game!! Mine isn’t nsfw and it’s more focused on labor stuff. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your game page because I love the concept. 

Oh man, I'll keep an eye out for yours, too! Cyborgs and parts are so much fun to write and read about, and I'd love to read yours!

Cyborgs are most certainly NOT safe for work, whatever the etymological history of the word "robot" may be.


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Good morning, fellow devs!

I have opened a WiP page for my team's NaNo entry, "Since When Did I Have a Combat Butler?!" I am happy to say things are currently going on schedule! We are so excited and can't WAIT to show this to everyone once it is complete ^^

Since it is a WiP page, comments and ratings are temporarily disabled, but will be re-enabled when the game is out. However, you can still comment on dev logs ^^

Hullo! I'm working on a visual novel for this jam.

Dear Devere, a visual novel told in letters and postcards. | Lemmasoft Thread

Joining in on opening a WIP page for my team's NaNo game! It's a yuri, eastern fantasy VN set in a historical Chinese setting.

Hello there! I am also making a visual novel. It's a regency era-inspired LGBT romance. It's quite ambitious for me as a solo creator, but I think I've made good progress so far.

Hey everyone! I'm hoping to put together a VN about bartending and making difficult choices.

I'm also solo-ing my project so I've possibly bitten on more than I can chew. But I've finally put a WIP page together and look forward to the challenge!

Oooooh, that's going to be a tall order (pun intended), but if you can pull it off, I would very much like to play it!

Hello all!
I have altered my plan for the VN entry to make it a bit mor etopical - and a lot more tongue in cheek.
The game will play a lot more like a survival choose your own adventure - where the wrong choice will normally lead to your death.

The threat? The Common Cold. It can only be beaten if you have Common Sense.
While it will be narriatively driven, there will be only a few characters in the story and it will be more satirical than serious - will it still be okay to enter into the competition?

I've just put up a page for my game.

And even though I've finished writing the story in just the first week of this month, I've had great difficulty finding an artist, so I had to make do with what I originally had.

Getting pretty close to the deadline but I scrapped my original idea because of the scale for a smaller one about exorcists in training. Only just got started on the art but hopefully the smaller scale let's me at least release a demo before the jam ends.

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Hello! I'm late because I wasn't sure if was going to participate. But here I am. And this is the demo that March has brought to you: A Ren'Py Multiplayer Adventure Game: