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My questions, thoughts and ideas for the game

A topic by Da Possy created 204 days ago Views: 1,152 Replies: 6
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Hey, so this is going to be a pretty long post where I pour out my thoughts on the game, and I have really enjoyed this game so far, at least in Book 1, Book 2 is a little bit too "much" for my taste. Sure; Book 1 can be a little bit too much at times as well, but having a feature to choose between a "love" route and a "slave" route is a great feature and I hope to see similar options in the other books. Either way the game has great potential, it has great characters, great story and a great art style that makes the characters look like themselves, meaning that they look like the same characters from the original cartoons.

And now to some of my thoughts and questions that I'd like to personally address to the developers of the game, I understand that the game is unfinished and that you might already be planning on fixing these issues and adding these features in the future, but I wanted to give my thoughts on it anyways.

So, I was wondering if you will implement a feature to choose the personality of the main character in the future, or at least a way to choose how he acts? Because right now it doesn't feel like you are playing the main character, it feels more like he's playing you. One second he's a nice guy with respectable morals, but a second later he is abusing a woman; calling her a whore. I love the feature where you can choose between "clean" talk and "dirty" talk, and I hope to see that a lot more in the game.

And why isn't there a feature to go down on the girl? There's a bunch of features where she can give you a blowjob, a footjob, etc, but why is it that I can't lick her baby cannon when I feel like it? I'm a guy who loves pussy, so let me eat some, cause I at least wanna pay back the favor, you know?

Personally I'm a guy who gets turned off by humiliation and degrading, and I'm getting kind of sick and tired of only finding good erotic games that involves a story line where you are being forced to rape someone against your will, like the main character's sexual interactions with Azula or Rei for example. So it would be great if you could implement a feature that allows you to choose the personality of the main character, or choose a more "friendly" route in the story. Yes, I know, it's an erotic game, what would I expect, right? But, I just think that this will bring in more people with different tastes, since there are a lot of people who are against rape and degrading of women.

Though I really enjoyed the part of the game where Katara walks outside naked and the people there calls her brave and respects her, hit me right in the feels, wish society was that good in real life.

Another cool feature would be if you could take a masochist route, where you're Azula's bitch, I did say that I'm against humiliation and degrading, but since it's me, or the main character; I could take a hit for the team, if you know what I mean.

Ooh, and what about pubic hair? I'm a guy who loves a woman with a thick bush, how about a feature where you can ask the girl (Katara, Azula, etc) if they could stop shaving their pussy? That would be hot...

I think the game is a too harsh on Azula, It would be great if we could choose a route where we join Azula and become her partner in crime or something. I just don't like making her cry, or making anyone cry for that matter. What can I say? I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Anyways, great game and keep up the good work!


I agree, 10/10. 2 many rapes.

Wow xd

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FUCK OFF ITS GOOD IN EVERY WAY, and if you dont like the slave route then theres this amazing thing called... not playing it

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Don't get me wrong, this is a good game. But, I think there should be different ways for the MC to approach the world of Avatar.

It would be great if I could go to sleep; knowing that I'm not a rapist after playing this game.

And by the way, the game isn't good in every way, no game is good in every way, but that doesn't mean that the game isn't good. No game is perfect, all games always have at least something that is bad about them, so don't take it personally.


I agree but some people like rape and humiliation

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Yea, that's exactly why there should be a choice for both types of people, those against and for rape. Though, I personally think that people who finds rape and humiliation sexy should be thrown off a cliff. They're sick people, who probably has a lot of mother issues.

Anyways, this game has great potential, and it would be sad for it to be ruined by such a negative subject, so we should at least have a choice in the matter.