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New to game jams, this will be my first.....

A topic by Wyverngrip created 210 days ago Views: 323 Replies: 8
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Just have a few questions:

  1. Does development start when the game jam starts? Or can it begin before hand. What is the time frame for? Submissions? Or actual development?
  2. What submission format should the game be in? An installer package? an executable? etc
  3. 1 bit as in 2 colours right? Any two colors?

Thanks, sorry if these questions seemed dumb, looking forward to it!

1.- Yes, the development starts on 1st April. You can start doing some mockups and test to have an idea of what you will do, then on 1st yo start to develop the idea with code gfx,etc...

2.- You can upload an exe, zip, html5, all that people can play to judge and vote your submission.

3.- Yes any two colors. Also you can give the user choose between two colors or change ingame the two colors but always max 2 colors in the screen.

You can start graphics before the gamejam right...? Some people use free art which would be pretty much the same as making your art before the game jam.

Yes, you can do mockups some graphcis and code to have all ready for the jam so you know what you will do and start to develop the idea in depth.


Ok awesome, thanks a lot!

Awesome to see a fellow first timer! Figured this would be a good entry point while working full time. These were all questions I wanted to ask, but I'm glad you did. Definitely looking forward to it :)

I am also a first-timer. I have a question about looking for assistance in making the game; is it expected that I pay them? Because I am not able to do so for various reasons.

No. For a gamejam, you either do it all yourself or you find some friends and/or people online to collaborate with.

You don't go and hire artists and coders and musicians :o

Thanks for clearing that up!