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Can I include other genres and gameplay mechanics?

A topic by Teitoku Lowliet created Feb 29, 2020 Views: 351 Replies: 3
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Hi, I know this game jam has an emphasis on VN and storytelling, but would it be acceptable to include other elements (i.e. farm simulator, shooting, RPG mechanics, puzzles,etc) but still use VN format to convey a story?

Almost like how Danganronpa is classified as a VN but has a free roaming, relationship forming, puzzle mystery aspects to it. Not saying Im plan on making a mystery thriller or open world sim, but could I incorporate other mechanics to complement a traditional  linear/kinetic VN?

How apparent does the VN aspect have to be?

Everyone's feelings are going to be different on this, so for a sort of nebulous answer:
If you'd sell it as "a visual novel with puzzle elements" (999), versus a "puzzle game with visual novel elements" (Professor Layton), then it's a visual novel.

As a personal opinion, I think at least 50% of the gameplay should be visual novel component for it to count in this specific instance.

I have a similar sort of question; I would like to add rpg elements to the game, essentially equipping items to help you in various options (makeup for seduction, shoes for running, etc) would that be okay?

(There will of course be a heavy focus on VN character interaction but also stats to worry about)

Other gameplay elements are fine as long as you would still pitch it as a VN and not an RPG.