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A topic by Scorpio created Mar 26, 2017 Views: 325 Replies: 4
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If it doesn't get funded in time (hopefully it does) are you gonna try again? This looks too interesting to simply cease to exist and all and the art is really nice. Here's to hoping you'll get what you needs.


Mhmm if it doesn't get funded, we're hoping we can draw up some contracts to pay people on a slightly less up-front basis and possibly start a Patreon. Don't worry about COB dying if the campaign doesn't get funded! We are DEFINITELY finishing it >:D. In a timely manner!!

Thanks for your support <3

AHHH I'm so damn frustrated that you only can support on kickstarter if you have a credit card ... I want to but I can't. And I want to play this game in the future T.T ....


Yeah..they've had that issue for a long time now >_<. And we speculate that a lot of our market doesn't use a CC. But worry not, you will definitely be able to play the game in the future! Just maybe on a slightly delayed timeline. :) Thanks for all your support <3


@Scorpio Update on our plans: We'll go back to Kickstarter in about a month with a goal just for funding the art expenses. You can find more info and an art preview here.