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Placing the same sprite multiple times

A topic by ncrecc created Mar 26, 2017 Views: 307 Replies: 6
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Like, not just copying the sprites graphics/dialogue into another sprite. This would be useful if you have two or more objects that are supposed to be the same thing (like crates that say "bonk" when you walk into them).

so, in this scenario would editing one of these boxes change all the other ones too?

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Yep. I'm talking about really generic things- not real people or cats, but things that would only ever make one sound.

gotcha! I'd like to do this eventually. I'll add it to my backlog :)

+1 this :D I've some generic things that would save me duping, like dialog for certain things


good to know! thanks for the feedback :) helps me figure out what to prioritize


If you need any help testing features/bug testing give me a shout ^_^ I'd be happy to help out with it as its such an awesome tool.